Top 5 gifts for unicorn women

unicorn earrings

As a couple, it is not easy to please a proud unicorn. The boring movie can't move the unicorn girl, and nor is the sumptuous dinner. Have you ever encountered this situation and don't know how to get the heart of the unicorn. It's effortless. You only need to grasp the characteristics of the unicorn and carefully prepare a few small gifts. It is possible to build a unicorn relationship for a few dollars.

Usually, a unicorn is not a material female, so an expensive bag, the watch will make her jealous and sad. A valuable gift is no different from the possession, and it is an insult.

1: Cute earrings

Gorgeous earrings are often too difficult to match. Choose a lovely ornament that can be shaped like a rabbit, maple leaf, a piglet, or even a mini unicorn.

2: LGBTQ compassionate

According to the study, 77% of women who participated in MFF threesome were from the LGBTQ population. A kind printed with the LGBTQ flag will allow the unicorn to be respected.

3: Bisexual socks

Cheap, beautiful and bisexual stockings add a touch of color to the unicorn in the darkness of winter. It is also a kind of gift that respects the bisexual people and is affordable and has made the other person a relaxing gift.

4: Round sunglasses

Funny and eye-catching sunglasses, the unicorn is hard to dislike. Especially in the summer, I will recommend this gift. In hot weather, sunglasses can better reflect the love of couples.

5: Mobile phone pendant

Between appointments, try to understand each other's interests and hobbies, whether there are special anime characters. You can buy a mobile phone case, a doll. For the average couple, it can be said that the economy is meaningful.

For the first time, a simple gift will make it easier to create a dating atmosphere. In sexual life, you will not be too cautious.