The Top 10 Best Cities to Date a Unicorn

unicorn in MMF

Having trouble getting an ideal place where you can date a unicorn? With the right information, you can get wonderful unicorns in different cities across the US. The following are the top 10 best cities to date a unicorn. However, note that these cities have been randomly selected.


If you are a couple looking for a bisexual woman to for a threesome sexual activity, you can visit Houston Couples seeking Women where you can access different adverts about services offered. In this category, you can get unicorns for short term based or special occasions depending on what the two of you really want.

New York

You can also get various Polyamory groups within in and around New York. There are many groups within 25 miles of New York where you can find good relationships with married couples. To be eligible to date a unicorn, you must be a member of any of the groups that offer the services.


Portland boasts of swingers’ clubs, strip bars as well as various Meetup groups with membership of a few thousands that can help you to find a poly relationship easily. The city tolerates different sexual relationships and it is very easy to find a polyamorous relationship.


If you are interested in dating a unicorn, then Boston is another best city that you can try. The Poly Boston community hosts couples and unicorns seeking threesome relationships. You need to join the the Poly Boston announcements list in order to be eligible to participate.

San Francisco

You can find several Polymory groups within and around San Francisco. To be able to search for a unicorn, you must be a registered member to any of the meetup groups available. These groups also feature calendars about services and other activities they offer to their members.


For all your requirements in creating a polyamorous relationship in Vancouver, you can visit Vanpoly. The community covers Vancouver and the surrounding areas and it offers support to members through sponsoring and hosting events. There are different polymory groups that you can join to be able to participate in different activities such as dating unicorns.


If you are interested in meeting couples and singles in Tampa, you can also visit Tampa Polyamory. This platform offers poly dating services in Tampa which help you to explore open relationships. However, you must be a registered member to be part of the community.

San Diego

There are several Polyamory and Open Relationships groups that you can get in and around San Diego. Like any other ordinary dating site, you need to be a registered member to any of the groups that offers the services to be able to date a unicorn.


Denver is the other best city that offers wonderful opportunities to date a unicorn. Polymory Groups in Denver consist of different members including couples and singles. You need to be registered to join them. The groups also offer a variety of services about relationships.


If you live in and around Austin, you can find different polyamory groups and these are open to different members. You can become a member to any group of your choice which gives you the opportunity to date unicorns. Registration is free so you can select any group.