Soon To Travel With Unicorns? Here Are Some Tips For You

beautiful unicorn women

According to survey data from the Unicorn Dating site, 17% of couples hunters are willing to travel with unicorn girls.Finding a unicorn – a single bisexual female – and then persuading her to go along with you on a trip is hard enough. Make sure you don’t take this opportunity for granted. But how should you go on about doing this?

Well, first and foremost, make sure that the needs of your unicorn are met; that she’s not just treated like a unicorn – a sexual experiment – but as a human. This will bode well not only for her but also for you, as it will create a more intimate and powerful unicorn-couple relationship.

Here are some tips from our experts to take heed when you’re traveling with a unicorn.

1. Explore your Unicorns

Yes, a friendly conversation while you’re cruising on your way to your dream destination, and your favorite song is slowly humming in the background, can make a hell of a difference. Not only does this give you a chance to explore the interests of your unicorns, things they find appealing but also builds an air of trust and comfortability.

Also, if you’re not a good talker, you can stalk their tinder profiles, and find things out the Millenial way. However, this route won’t be as valid as the good-old small-talk.

2. Don’t Hesitate

Hesitance creates an air of awkwardness and complicates things. Don’t shy away from asking critical questions. What do they like in the bedroom? Is there a specific position? What’s a big NO for them? And what about you? What do you have in store for her?

Ironing out the details before engaging in anything serious will go a long way in making your journey worthwhile.

3. Communicate your needs and conditions

Your communication shouldn’t just revolve around your unicorn’s needs. You’re an equal part of the equation. Be very clear about your boundaries and what you’re specifically looking for. And don’t just roll over your dumb eyes and say, “I want a threesome.” Duh! That’s a given. Talk about real stuff that’s going to impact your relationship. Questions like, is this arrangement going to be a one-night thing? Do you want an open relationship? Or would a polyamorous one suit your better? Anything and everything you’re doubtful about, shoot!

4. Think About what they want

If things heated while you’re on the trip, don’t make everything about you. Value the pleasure, sentiments, and sexual needs of your unicorns equally. Give them compliments. Ask them if they want to orgasm. Don’t ever go beyond the ambit of their boundaries.

And don’t forget to be gracious later on. They’re the ones who helped you actualize your fantasy. They deserve, at the very least, a simple thank you afterward.

5. Don’t force them

Never force a Unicorn, in anything. Most couples make the mistake of ordering unicorns around. This attitude is especially prevailing in committed relationships with unicorns. “Love both of us equally” is the usual request. Seriously? First of all, love can’t be forced, and second of all, love is impossible when it’s forced. So, please refrain from this outrageous behavior when you’re around your unicorns.