Identify a Fake Unicorn Romantic Scam

How romantic it is to be a unicorn date! But recently we received a lot of complaints from American couples on the unicorn dating website. They said: "More and more single girls are asking us for money for various reasons. I hope you will review these accounts."

As the owner of the website, I am deeply sorry. In the future, we will strengthen the review and put these scammers out of our community wall.

According to consumer statistics, it is said that in the United States, 180 million US dollars were lost due to romantic dating scams. The phenomenon of romantic scams has existed since the birth of online dating, and it has the characteristics of restraint. In Mexico, India, and other places, there have been many organizations that have been targeted by fraud. These organizations usually pretend to be single women or wealthy men, to scam online dating users from developed countries, especially those over the age of 50. It doesn't matter, we will help you identify disgusting scammers. First you must know some characteristics of the scammer:

Characteristics of scammer:

Whether you are a dating newcomer or a master with a wealth of dating experience, you need to be alert to matching partners. Once the other person meets the following characteristics, you should consider whether the other party is a fraudster.

1. Attractive avatars and photos

beautiful dating avatars

The avatars used by scammers are usually from other dating platforms and are more attractive, more beautiful, and more distinctive than other regular users.

2. Closed camera

If you actively open a video chat, the other party will usually not accept your request. Surprisingly, they will reject you with a bath, weak network signal, or a meeting at the company.

3. Working abroad

In foreign countries, fraudsters can use many reasons to explain their abnormal behavior. It is important to note that the following may be their type of work:

  1. International aid doctor
  2. United Nations organization staff
  3. Customs staff
  4. Military personnel

4. Take the initiative with you

Many awkward singles will not take action to sing a kind unicorn. On the contrary, scammers will take the initiative to send you messages, and the content of each letter is not much, the response is not fast, because they need to chat with hundreds of "Fish" at the same time.

5. Not willing to contact on the website

Scammers usually ask for your email address, Whatsapp, Skype, and other contact methods. Because the dating platform will often review the scammer account.

How to Avoid Losing Money to Scammer

chat with scammer

I want people who use the online dating platform to have this principle: don't give money or gifts to an unacquainted network partner.

When you suspect that it is a romance scam, you must take the following measures:

Many singles and couples often do not have any rationality before dating in order to get rid of loneliness and release sexual desire. Review each appointment carefully, otherwise you will lose your pocket money, wages and even all continue.

If you suspect this is a romantic scam, you can report it at The website will immediately notify the corresponding Unicorn website.

If you have already sent money or presented a gift card, please contact your bank or merchant to ask if you can make a refund.