How to get More Responses on Unicorn Dating sites

tips for get more responses

There’s a difference of continents between regular dating websites and unicorn dating websites. While there is ample information on how to get ahead on the former, there is practically none on the latter.

However, we’re about to change that.

Unicorn dating websites aren’t any different than other dating websites. For starters, both of them heavily feature humans, and when it comes to connecting with humans, the rules of the game don’t vary that much. Here’s how you can enter the dark and obscure tunnel of unicorn dating and still navigate as if you’re a seasoned Ninja.

Keep your Messages Casual and Short

There’s no point in sending cheesy, overly long messages. Doing so will imply that you’re trying too hard.

When you’re just starting with someone, it’s better to keep things low-key and see how stuff pans out in the future. This gives the impression to your recipient (especially if the recipient is a unicorn) that you don’t take things as if you have a rod-up-your-ass, and are quite open to different scenarios.

This trait of flexibility is key to coax a unicorn into exploring her sexual curiosities with you.

Create a Kickass profile

Your couple profile on a unicorn dating website should turn heads and be extremely to-the-point. You shouldn’t beat around the bush. Your job as a unicorn hunter is to send out a clear signal so that it doesn’t overwhelm or confuse your targets.

Here are a few expert tips for setting up your profile on a unicorn dating website of your choice.

  1. Highlight your sexual identity. Are you a polyamorous couple? Or do you tilt towards the bisexual spectrum? Make it clear.
  2. Upload loving, “human” pictures. What do I mean by a human? Well, to elaborate, images that don’t make your unicorn feel like you’re a robot, but a compassionate, fun couple.
  3. Make sure your bio is delicious and honest. It showcases what you’re looking for, specifically. For example, a bio like “we’re looking for a bisexual woman with a penchant for video gaming” will attract precisely the kind of unicorns your bio endorses.

Make a List of Boundaries

Before you send a message to a unicorn, make a list of boundaries that you’d want the unicorn to adhere to. This eliminates any confusion and sets out some ground rules to ease her into the dating process. If you’re okay with anything and everything, in the sack and out of it, then make sure that you have your unicorn’s rules laid out.

This kind of attention to detail saves you from a world of awkwardness and the confusing world of rejection.

Don’t Ghost Anyone

On the Unicorn dating website, your reputation speaks volumes about you.

If you’ve sent a message to a unicorn, and things aren’t heading in the right direction, then don’t just disappear like a shy phantom. That’s not going to help your cause. Word’s going to get around that you don’t even have the decency to be straightforward, and end things on clear grounds.