How to find a Real Unicorn

unicorn model

Real-life unicorns, unlike their mythical namesakes, are very real. The best way to find them is through dating apps. However, finding someone doesn’t equate to having them. And this is important. Just because you know a person is available or accessible doesn’t mean you have a key to their heart.

So, the question really is, how do you get that key?

To answer that, you first have to understand the fundamentality of a unicorn’s existence.

What is a Unicorn?

A unicorn, is essential, a third party to sex. The term is loosely attached to bisexual women interested in expanding their sexual avenues. However, a male unicorn is just as likely to participate in a threesome with a heterosexual or gay couple.

Unicorns are named because they’re rare and unicorn hunters – the people who seek these rare beings – are many. So, there’s a sort of a social imbalance that works against your odds.

So, the question now is, how do you improve your odds?

Finding the Perfect Unicorn

The first step to coaxing a unicorn is understanding the dynamics of their psyche. They very well know that their primary function is to fulfill a couple’s wild fantasies. And this is a slippery slope for them. They have apprehensions about being used as a sex toy, or just another thing.

So, how do you make a Unicorn feel comfortable?

Well, the answer is simple – effort.

Invest some time to get to know them. And if you’re looking for something long term, you can even consider proposing them to move in with you.

But whatever you, make sure you don’t nonsensically bash your head into a unicorn, and say ‘’ hey, wanna get it on?’ it’s not going to end well. Respect is paramount in everything, whether they’re relationships or just plain conversations.

So, why are unicorns likely to be found on dating apps?

Well, first of all, most of the dating apps have grown out of their immature phases. There are a lot of security cordons and sexual abuse barriers that have been set to ensure the peace of mind of users. And that’s exactly why you’re more likely to bump in a unicorn on unicorn dating site than Starbucks.

The stigma surrounding unicorns is astoundingly horrific. So, they’re bound to resort to these safe online spaces to find someone they can comfortably explore their sexualities with.

I hope, in time, things get better, and unicorns are treated like normal people, but for now, dating apps are your best bet.

The bottom-line – unicorns do exist, and they are willing to go beyond the sexual horizons of what society has confined them to. All you have to do is approach in a way that doesn’t scare them away. Don’t like a creep or a total nutjob. So, just get on a dating app and lookup bios and start casually and normally. Hopefully, you won’t spook anyone and things will turn out for the best. And if things don't work, try and try again. That’s the recipe for success