How Do I Know If I am Unicorn?

a unicorn women

In ancient mythology, the unicorn is sacred and rare. Once you find the unicorn, it means that you will enjoy the life of enjoyment. Among the threesome, polyamorous, and swinger communities, unicorns are often considered to be attractive single women. But in a bisexual relationship, a unicorn can also be a male.

Many women have tried a threesome or another poly dating, but most don't know if they are unicorns. The following tips can help you identify if you are a unicorn.

Long-term single

Unicorn women are usually arrogant and cold and think that ordinary men are not worthy of them.

Date with couples

Not all couples meet the unicorn's dating requirements. They like wealthy, polite, and humble couples.

Bisexual orientation

Most unicorn women are not bisexual or bisexual curious. Among the threesome or couples dating, the unicorn always gets a lot of excitement and pleasure from men and women.

Do not accept additional partners

This is an essential basis for judging a unicorn. A unicorn usually only maintains a long-term dating relationship with a couple. If you change a dating couple often, you may be just a woman who likes a polyamorous relationship.

Not dependent on couples

Although unicorns and couples maintain sexual relations for a long time, they do not rely on or disturb couples, be they financial or psychological, except for dating.

If you meet the above four or more features, congratulations, you are a charming unicorn. If you are confused about your judgment, you can contact us, and we will assist you. Or you are confused about how to find a happy couple; you can go through our unicorn dating website.