Is heterosexual registration allowed?

Of course, tolerance and openness are our fundamental principles.

In addition to heterosexuality, we welcome users of other genders, such as pansexual, transexual, and so on.

Do you offer refunds on memberships?

Yes, I do. Please contact customer service to provide your account number and email for refund.

Why is my profile deleted?

As of now, we allow users from the following countries to register and use:

If you are from another region, your account will be deleted.

Another reason is that your photos contain naked pornographic information, or you have filled in contact information in the profile, which are prohibited by us.

Why can't I message others or read my messages?

As a Platinum member, you can actively send messages to others and view messages from other members.

As a free member, you can only read messages that others have sent you.

How do I delete my account?

On our website

You can send feedback to delete your account.

On our mobile and app

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If you have any more questions, please contact us via contact us.